Patient Testimonials for Dr. Henry, Chiropractor, Greenville, SC

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Testimonials from Chiropractor Dr. Luke Henry's Neck and Back Pain, Whiplash, Spinal Decompression and Cold Laser Therapy Patients in Greenville and Spartanburg

Spinal Decompression & Cold Laser Therapy Testimonials

I am a retired RN, and have had degenerative disc disease for over 12 yrs. This has caused me a great deal of pain in my lower back. Unable to walk or do any of the normal everyday activities. I volunteer at the Shriners Hospital for children and was having to give up the one thing I enjoyed most in life. After being referred to Dr. Henry for decompression treatment, I have felt the best I have felt in 12 yrs. Able to return to volunteer work. Dr. Henry has the most extensive knowledge of the nerves and bones of the body to explain just what treatment is needed for a patient. I have the most trust and admiration for his professional opinion and I am walking proof of what he has recommended for my back and neuropathy in my feet. If you follow what he asks of you, chiropractic wellness benefits your whole well being. Thank you and may you bless everyone you touch. Paula Freed
My life is better. My whole outlook is better. Every time I come its something new! I'm happy after finishing decompression therapy! Rosella Smith
Back and leg pain are gone and I'm back on the racquetball court. Keith "Goose" Moncrief
I feel better than I have felt in 5 years. Catherine Page
Recovery from 16 mm disc herniation without surgery! I'm glad I got here! From crawling to standing! Alan South
I avoided back surgery. I went from a 10/10 pain scale to a zero most of the time. Lacey Hampton
For 15 years I have had pain, which hindered daily activities not to mention the depression the pain caused because of the chronic never ending aspect. All this stemmed from an auto accident, arthritis and scoliosis. All is Dr. Henry handled and kept me walking. As three years went by the back developed more problems from age. Dr. Henry suggested the new state-of-the-art spinal decompression machine, ice, and cold laser treatment. Six weeks later I can again walk my dog, play in the yard (work) and feel like a human being again with zero pain. Yes, zero pain. At first the suggestion seemed "maybe" and "expensive". Now... How can one possibly put a price on being pain-free! Thank you, Dr. Henry and staff! You listened, you cared about my pain, and you encouraged me to follow through all with positive, uplifting experience. I am so grateful words cannot express how thankful I am. Thank you for giving me my life back! Karen Fisher
Pain 80-90% improved with decompression! Ernest Dodd
Back pain decreased 80% with decompression. Anyone with real serious back pain should come see you! Wynetta Stewart

Bulging Disc

I went to Dr. Henry with lower back and hip pain. The pain was so intense in July of 2012 that it was affecting my daily activities and my sleep. The pain had become unmanageable. Dr. Henry did an x-ray and sent me for an MRI. The results were that I had moderate L4 - S1 chronic degenerative disc disease. I also had a bulging disc. Dr. Henry recommended [decompression] treatment. I began the treatment and immediately found relief from the pain. I still see Dr. Henry for adjustments for a hip injury that is unrelated to the disc issue. I also periodically have a [decompression] treatment to decompress the disc in my spine for maintenance. I recommend this treatment to anyone I felt that I was at the point of having to have surgery and the [decompression] was a much better option. Thank you to Dr. Henry and the staff for their help and compassion during my treatment. Nancy Black
I have had chronic pain since I was 13 years old. It's gotten worse over the last five years to the point of not being able to walk. Dr. Henry took the time to get a proper diagnosis, explain the problems I was having and reasons why - I fractured my back 20 years ago and the vertebrae shifted and now I have a spondylolisthesis. Dr. Henry recommended [non-surgical] spinal decompression. It is wonderful to be able to wake up and not be in pain. I still have to be careful and I do have some pain but to be this pain-free is so worth it. Thank you! Everyone in the office is very knowledgeable and friendly and I recommended this practice to my friends and family. Dr. Henry has seen two of my three children both suffered from headaches and both of experienced great relief. Robin Thomason
No pain for the first time in 10 years! I highly recommend Decompression with Dr. Henry. Jennifer Danigel
When I came to Dr. Henry, I was unable to stand without my lower back and hips aching. After six weeks of treatment with spinal decompression I am pain-free. It is wonderful to be able to stand without holding the arm of the chair to ease my standing. Dianne Lee
20 years plus in pain. Now doing great! I am able to stand at the kitchen sink. Dan Kidd
After my first treatment my neck pain level dropped dramatically - almost pain free. I felt like I was a foot taller. I would highly recommend decompression therapy to anyone suffering with neck pain like I have for many years. Dr. Henry and staff are 1st class! There is hope besides surgical: decompression therapy! Don Fryman

Chiropractic Testimonials

In my opinion, the best chiropractor in Greenville. Gil Gerretsen, President of BizTrek Inc.
I am a school bus driver- I absolutely love my job and can't imagine doing anything else. Several months ago, I started having severe neck and back pain, like I had never experienced before. It got to where I could barely walk, much less operate a school bus safely and efficiently. I even started thinking about changing careers, which was a very depressing thought. After several sad attempts to get chiropractic care from other doctors, and having problems with conflicting schedules, billing, and insurance issues I decided to call Henry Chiropractic Clinic. I spoke to and extremely sweet woman, who I call darling, named Tecora. Much to my surprise the office schedules fit mine; insurance and billing was not a problem. After just one visit I felt so good, I came home and cleaned the entire house. It has now been 3 months, and I feel like a new person. Thank you so much Dr. Henry and staff, you are the greatest. I am truly going to miss you when I move to Florida. May God Bless You, and your family. Mr. S.

Chiropractic Testimonials

I am 70 years old. I have arthritis in my back and hips. This is been very painful for a long time and made it hard to walk. Since I have been going to Dr. Henry's chiropractic clinic my pain is almost gone so I can have a better quality of life. Thank you Dr. Henry. Norma Ward
Dear Dr. Henry, I can honestly not thank you and your staff enough!! I live in Switzerland... Every time I return to Greenville, you can be sure, I will be visiting your office where I know I will receive "first class treatment"!! So thank you again! Kim Seiler
Numerous treatments (with a file to prove it!) have taken the pain and stress out of my neck from years of stressful teaching! Rhonda Kaiser
I suffer from both neck and lower back issues. I was in a minor car accident in high school (age 16) and I didn't seek chiropractic care for a year, when I started experiencing headaches. I am 27 now, so I've suffered for 11 years... A girlfriend's father recommended chiropractic... I think if you are having pain in your neck and/or back and don't seek chiropractic care, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Specifically, I couldn't speak more highly of the care Dr. Henry has provided me. The improvements in quality of life I've gained due to his treatment are priceless. Matt Merrifield
I had neck pain and stiffness for about one year, but more severe for 4 months. I tried doctor visits, using muscle relaxers; over the counter pain relievers like Advil. I learned about chiropractic from my gynecologist. My pain is gone, and I have free movement in my neck now. I can resume the activities that I enjoy without the neck stiffness and pain. Connie McCullough

Auto Accidents

The Doctors Choice pillow was great. Your team was great! I feel 100% better after I've been here. Regina Chastain
Pain free after an auto accident! Ronnie Kelly
In October 2010 I was hit in the rear end of my Ford Ranger and I was badly hurt. I was in a lot of pain. It took hard work but today is August 5, 2011 and I am 99.9% better and I can give Dr. Luke Henry and his staff all thanks for my outcome. Now I can get back to bettering my life. I thank God for people that do care like all of you. My drive to your office was 1 hour each way (104 miles for each visit) but I'm glad I made the drive. Kenny Wright
I moved to Greenville, SC, in early November, 2007. I had been receiving treatments continuously since September 2002 after being struck from the rear by a tractor-trailer. This accident changed my life, as it set me on a path completely foreign to the life, which I had known before. This out-going individual, highly successful professional, whose dance card was always full, became a recluse. Pain not only alters one's physical life, but one finds that others' lives go on while your life comes to a stop. During the past 4 1/2 years, my life appeared to stop. So many times, had it not been for my husband, my grandson - who I knew needed me - and the doctrines of faith in which I was reared, I think I would have taken my life. Two weeks after moving to Greenville, the pain became worse than I had ever remembered it. Perhaps the extreme overexertion of my already stressed body was pushed over the edge. I could no longer stand the pain, and my husband and I picked up the phone book and called Dr. Henry. I laugh now that we called him because he had the best ad. Now I believe we called him because his office was where I was meant to be. Without a doubt, "Dr. Luke" as I call him has done me more good than all of the medications and shots I have had in 4 1/2 years of medical treatment. As much as his treatment, he is a compassionate professional who is dedicated to his patients and to the chiropractic profession. The same goes for his caring wife. Together they make a team that is bound for success not only for themselves but to help many others as they have helped me. Thanks Dr. Luke and Tecora Debbie Scott
Dear Dr Henry, I am writing this letter to thank you for all the help you have been to me. I have a serious back and neck injury (the result of a service connected accident), as well as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. These challenges cause me considerable pain and, prior to working with you, serious range of motion limitations. Before starting chiropractic treatments, I could not even turn my head or turn at the waist. This severely curtailed, and even eliminated, many activities in my daily life. I couldn't even look over my shoulder to drive or look in the side mirrors of my car. Aside from being extremely inconvenient, this was also dangerous to both myself and whoever was on the road when I was driving. Since receiving long term, ongoing chiropractic treatments, I am happy to say I have a much improved range of motion. My pain is still present, and according to all medical doctors I have seen, will never go away. The relief I receive from chiropractic, however, has greatly reduced my need for narcotic pain meds. I am extremely thankful for this, as they can cause permanent and serious damage to both the liver and kidneys with continued use and shorten your life expectancy to a considerable degree. Thank you ,Dr Henry, for your excellent work and improving my quality of life in a noticeable, tangible way. My gratitude to you is beyond measure! Sincerely, Saundra Whitaker, SSgt, USAF, Retired

Family Chiropractic Care

Dr. Henry is an expertly skilled, compassionate chiropractor! My husband, children, and I greatly adore Dr. Henry! He always takes his time to adjust with amazing skill and has helpful suggestions to ensure our family's well being. We need not look further for our family's preventative and restorative health care... Dr. Henry fulfills our needs! I have suffered for many years from TMJ and chronic neck pain... I began seeing Dr. Henry about six months ago, and while it is a bit of a drive for me (I live near Clemson), I feel it is worth every moment. He is compassionate, helpful, and has a fantastic touch in his adjustments coupled with a tremendous knowledge and intuition of the body's natural movement and how to restore it. My husband and children also see Dr. Henry for their occasional aches and pains; their health (as well as mine) is in fine order due to the restorative properties of chiropractic. Our bodies are kept in alignment by Dr. Henry, and so we are able to enjoy the benefits of a properly functioning system. We take to heart his suggestions on stretches and exercises that can improve our flexibility and range of motion, as well as his healthy living guidelines. I am freed of much of the suffering I have experienced in the past. Thank you, thank you, Dr. Henry! Carey Collins, Midwife


I had severe back pain caused by scoliosis for years. I went to other doctors for it but they never helped. I heard about Dr. Henry from my husband. I asked about my back and Dr. Henry told me that he could help so I gave it a try. I'm so glad I did! It has really helped me. I came from Due West to Greenville for his help. I tell everyone about his good work. Gloria Bordelon
Dr. Henry, Thanks for helping me with my pain. You and your staff do a great job. Hugh

Hip Pain

I fell loading dishes on a pickup in 2000. I've had trouble with my hips anytime I walked (everyday). After Dr. Henry adjusted me last week my hips have not hurt at all (this whole week). What a relief to walk and not have to stop because of pain. Arthur Lakey
Dr. Henry helped me with my hip when medicine wouldn't work. Now I can go to karate class and enjoy it without pain in my hips! Wayne Turner, karate instructor (4th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do)

Chronic Neck Pain

I suffer from pain in my neck from injuries I got as a kid. Coming to Dr. Henry has my pain down to a minimum. I also do step classes and my hips get out of alignment. He helps make the step easier and better so I can continue to enjoy my workouts. Thanks a lot for everything Sheila

Chiropractic Increases Athletic Performance

At 46 yrs. of age, Dr. Henry helps keep me in top, athletic shape. Eric Williams, retired pro baseball player
As a professional wrestler, I am frequently feeling the effects of a rough match. Thanks to Dr. Henry, I get back to doing what I love to do... entertain. Neck injuries, back, hips and shoulders and only a few things Dr. Henry has helped me recover from. Also with continued care, I find that I'm able to recover quicker and maintain my health longer. Thanks Dr. Henry! Michael D. Edwards "Section 8"
I have been suffering from back pain. I had a back operation in 1989, which left me paralyzed for a year on my right side. After additional surgery I did good. In 2004 I slipped on the stair steps, which required another surgery. Years passed and now in 2009, of August I had a severe flare up. I thought another surgery was required until I came here. I had pain problem ever since I had surgery but not severe pain. This problem began about three weeks before I sought help. I had injections, pain medication, and physical therapy. I have been on pain medication for years. I have tried injections in my back and physical therapy. The results all still left me with chronic pain. The pain before coming here had left me with the mindset of giving up on life and very depressed. I'd call this doctor at Highpoint that told me about this new machine "something RX9000". I couldn't afford his $6000 fee. I looked in the telephone book and chose this clinic after praying to the Lord, "Please help me!". The problem was all day and night everyday. I was always moaning, crying, and praying "Lord help me". I didn't participate in any outings anymore and I didn't put much in fashion. I couldn't play with my grandchildren because I was always in too much pain. I was in too much pain to be intimate. It was almost too painful to praise the Lord! I will from this point in my life recommend chiropractic care but from this office, because Dr. Henry is a good doctor and knows what he is doing. He also listens to what you have to say but he will tell you straight up what he sees and he will do all he can to help you. Again, he is a good man with a good staff working for him. Bless you all and thanks Cynthia T. Martin

Herniated Disc

I suffered from neck pain and numb hands from disc herniation. Also low back, leg and foot pain from two back operations. I have suffered 3 years with chronic pain. 10 years ago was my first back operation. I had been going to pain clinics for 3 years and been taking a lot of pain medication. Also, I have seen surgeons - had physical therapy numerous times. I also had tried a chiropractor a few times. I heard about Dr. Henry from a friend and he told me how much better he was feeling. I have had 5 visits with Dr. Henry and already feel much better. I have not needed pain medication and the burning in my foot feels better now than it ever did, even on medication. I would definitely recommend care with Dr. Henry. I never thought it would work - I had tried it a couple of other times but either I didn't give it long enough or Dr. Henry is just awesome! Jeannine Surette

Medical Doctor Referrals

I suffered from lower back pain that caused my legs to hurt from hips to knees. The problem started approximately nine months ago. I tried shots in between the disks (three) and medication of all types. A surgeon suggested that I try chiropractic. When I got home from the surgeon I had a flyer in the days newspaper. It works. Ronnie Hart
I suffered from severe neck pain. The problem had been building for a few years but had gotten to be pretty extreme before I started to see Dr. Henry. I was taking way too much Tylenol and using icy/hot by the gallon. My doctor referred me to Dr. Henry. I would greatly recommend chiropractic care from Dr. Henry because nothing is worse than feeling trapped by pain. Frank Anderson

Low Back Pain and Leg Pain / Numbness

I had low back pain for about six weeks and pain in my left leg and numbness. The pain was severe. I noticed a big difference after treatment and therapy. I've had back problems for about 20 years. I opened up the newspaper one morning and saw Dr. Henry's ad, "Stop the Pain, Treat the Cause". I liked that so I gave Dr. Henry a call. I wasn't able to do the things I was used to doing like housework and working in my yard. I noticed a big difference after about nine visits. I feel so much better since I started to see Dr. Henry. He is so nice and cares about you. Norma K. Durham

Headaches and Neck Pain

I suffered from headaches and neck pain for approximately 9 months. I tried Goody's powder and Advil but it didn't work. I learned about chiropractic from rom a fellow police officer. I had severe headaches, pain in my neck and head. Since I started my treatment with Dr. Henry several months ago I no longer take Goody's powder or Advil. I am able to turn my head to both sides without restrictions. Dr. henry and his staff are very dynamic people. They are true professionals that I highly recommend this clinic for treatment. Jurell Byrd, Jr.

Chronic Back and Knee Pain

I have suffered from back problems and knee problems for 30 years. I tried medication, which covered up the symptoms rather than fixing the problem. I learned about chiropractic from family members. I recommend chiropractic, because it can cure problems. Keith Dill
Dear Dr. Henry and Mrs. Henry, I reached sunny southwest Florida after a long 12-hour drive on Saturday. Needless to say I was as stiff as a board when I arrived home and sure wished you had had an office just down the road - would have been there in a flash! Rested yesterday and did some range of motion exercises and feel much better today so am sure the stiffness was due to sitting in one place for such a long period of time. Of course the pouring rain and high volume of traffic didn't help the situation at all!I want to thank you both so much for helping me while I was visiting with Sarah. I am so glad she insisted that I go see you! I am usually stubborn as a mule, but when she said one of my legs was actually shorter then the other I figured it was time to do something about that and all of the pain I had dealt with for almost 2 years. Guess I've just always been great taking care of everyone else but me!!! Your office is so friendly and welcoming - assistance friendly and helpful. The best part is what you, Dr. Henry, did for me. I now have some pain, which is to be expected, but the severe pain is pretty much gone and at least I can walk without hanging on to all the furniture for support. Your kindness is so much appreciated - thank you.When you have time if you could find a doctor in the area I would appreciate your help - there are so many to choose from that it would be a crapshoot for me to choose. Again, thank you all so very much. It was such a pleasure meeting you all and who knows - I just may stop by the next time I visit Sarah!Have a wonderful Christmas holiday! Dr. Henry has just made all the difference in the world for me I can now bend over to tie shoes!!!! Regards, Sue LaBonte

Pain Decreased 80%

The severity of my pain was 25+. Dr. Henry got it down to 5. For example, my headaches were a major problem but after receiving treatment from Henry Chiropractic Clinic, my headaches have been gone for the last 4 months and that is a good feeling. If you have any type of pain I would recommend going to see the folks over at Henry Chiropractic Clinic and tell the staff Cassandra says "Hi" and keep up the good work. Cassandra

Degenerative Arthritis

I was suffering from right shoulder pain, degenerative arthritis and back pain. I have had shoulder pain for years. I tried prescription medication. I was having sleeping problems because of constant pain. December 3, 2009 was the best night of sleep ever. Now I feel well rested and energized. I recommend Dr. Henry's wonderful care and excellent customer service. Gloria Ashmore
Dr. Henry has done outstanding work in just a short time. I am now pain free, feeling more energy than I have had in five years. Thank God for Dr. Henry. George Wester
Dr. Henry is a very knowledgeable and talented chiropractor. He has touched me deeply with his caring heart as well as his gifted hands. Dr. Craig Arcamone, Doctor of Chiropractic
Imagine hearing a ringing noise in your ears or buzzing noise that constantly interfering with your everyday life. I was a victim of this debilitating maddening noise, called tinnitus, that can range in volume from a ring to a roar. I had this problem almost a year and half. I used to hate going to bed early and waking up early because of the buzzing noise is worst during night and early in the morning. I sought for help from an M.D. and ear specialist, however, they did not figure out what was causing the buzzing noise. They did further testing with no solution. I'm writing this letter as a way of saying thank you and show my deepest appreciation to Dr. Luke for allowing me to sleep peacefully and to wake up with smile on my face with only one adjustment on my cervical (C1). All I can say is that God has heard my prayer. Again I cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back and to live a normal life and enjoy it. Thank you very much May God bless you and your practice. Sincerely Dr. Michael Amare, Doctor of Chiropractic
When I first became a chiropractic patient I had some fears about having my spine and neck manipulated; for example, that the chiropractor might do something wrong and paralyze me accidentally. Since beginning chiropractic care my health has been better, there is a residual effect from adjustments that lasts several days, raising my level of physical functioning. Several have remarked favorably about my posture, including a dance instructor and partner. Dr. Tim Holland, Doctor of Ministry